Upgraded 4.3mm 720P HD Ear Scope Camera Digital Otoscope with 6 LED Lights, Earwax Removal Tool and Specula for iPhone/iPad and Android Smartphone


Product Description Our mission is to commit to superior product development, constantly pursue innovation, and provide you the best shopping experience. After a long time research and compared with other...

Product Description

After a long time research and compared with other diameter of 5.5mm or larger, we develop this 4.3mm (0.17 inch) otoscope for a better fit with the structure of the ear canal & easy, safe entry to the eardrum.

This plug and play otoscope is a better solution for iPhone/iPad users because you no longer have to connect to Wifi.

Please connect the scope with your device using original cable of your phone for more stable and smooth images.


  1. Scan the QR code on the back of the otoscope, download and install the App follow the instruction;
  2. Connect your phone to this otoscope using the phone original cable.
  3. When your phone indicates that it’s charging, that means the scope is connected to the phone successfully.


Compatible with: iOS 8.0, iPhone/iPad & Android 4.0+ devices

NOT compatible with: MacBook, Windows PC



  1. The focal length is fixed at 2-3cm (1 inch), so please adjust the distance between the camera lens and your ear to get focused if you can not see the image clearly.
  2. Ear canal is not perfectly straight, please gently pull the top of your ear up and back to help viewing your eardrum easily.
  3. Please adjust the brightness of the LED lights to prevent glare.
  4. Please keep the camera clean to avoid blurry image. Blurred images after a period of use are caused by the earwax on the camera lens. (In general, earwax is oily and can cause glare, unclear image) If the earwax does not carefully wiped out, this will make it stick to the lens more firmly.


Please clean the lens carefully with alcohol pads before and after use.

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Dust or wipe clean with a cloth dampened with water once a week. Be sure not to leave water spots on the surface. These water spots will dry and could possibly leave permanent marks. Clean stains/spots using the following steps: Dampen a soft cloth with a mixture of hot water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Wring the cloth as much as possible to remove excess liquid. Rub the surface lightly in a circular motion. Dry the surface immediately with a clean, soft towel.