AmScope M30-ABS-KT2-W Beginner Microscope Kit, LED and Mirror Illumination, 300X, 600x, and 1200x Magnification, Includes 52-Piece Accessory Set and Case, White


THE ULTIMATE MICROSCOPE FOR KIDS Ready to use right out of the box. a great starter kit with 49 accessories and hard sided plastic ABS case. Create your own discoveries...

Amscope Kids microscope experiment brine shrimp science STEM gifts fun educational portable learn

25 Glass Prepared Microscope Slides with Wooden Box 50pc Homeschool Biology Prepared Microscope Glass Slides 100 PC Prepared Biological Microscope Glass Slides - Set A AmScope The World of the Microscope 50 Pre-Cleaned Blank Microscope Slides and 100 22x22mm Square Cover Glass
Product Type 25pc Prepared Slides (add-on accessory) 50pc Prepared Slides (add-on accessory) 100pc Prepared Slides (add-on accessory) World of Microscope Book (add-on accessory) 50pc Blank Slides Kit (add-on accessory)
AMSCOPE-KIDS 120X to 1200X Six Power Metal Arm Starter Biological Microscope Kit IQCrew 40X-500X Science Discovery Series Inverted Microscope w 25pc Slides Book 40X-1000X Dual Light Glass Lens Metal Frame Microscope + Slides+Stain Kit+Book 40X-1000X Portable Student Microscope with Extensive Slide Preparation Kit +Book
Magnification 120X - 1200X 40X - 500X 40X - 1000X 40X - 1000X
Level Beginner Beginner / Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate
Specimen Tooklit
Slides Included
Illustrated Companion Book
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